Operation LIPSTICK logo


Operation LIPSTICK is a non-profit organization with the mission of reducing crimes related to gun-violence in US cities.

They break the iron pipeline by providing educational and support services to prevent women from being used to buy, hide or hold guns for those who are legally prohibited from possessing guns.

The iron pipeline

The Challenge

Despite the success of their campaign achieving 33% reduction of gun-related crimes involving women in Boston, they were determined to reach out more people and get them more deeply involved with their cause. We had 6 hours to come up with a solution to satisfy LIPSTICK spokenperson.

Pain points
  • Ineffective homepage.
  • Little social awareness.
The team
  • 6 people.
  • My role: UX / UI web designer.

The Solution

Solution pipeline


Our team gets together to brainstorm about objectives, target audience, measuring impact, strategy and design.

White board


Target audience

Teenage girls, women, community organization & leaders, teachers, teenage boys and men.

Measuring impact

LIPSTICK offers the possibility to sign a pledge, which is a personal commitment to the cause, then, the number of signed pledge is the perfect way to evaluate the impact of the campaign.


Increasing awareness and engagement


Organizing homepage

The homepage must display clear information creating easy-to-follow paths.

Homepage sketch
User flow

Making the pledge a landing page for social media traffic increases the chances of signing it.

Pledge user flow

BEFORE: Original LIPSTICK homepage: Clutered and no hierarchy of information.

AFTER: Our solution: Clear message and easy understanding of the information leading to the pledge.